Our Story

We made the classic mistakes most parents do when it comes to introducing money to kids. We didn’t use age appropriate material. It was too complicated or it took too long. We needed a better philosophy and tools, and boom, Small Change was born.

Small Change was started by Justin Pullaro and Nicole Barolo, a brother-sister duo, to help families start talking about money. We speak primarily to parents of the five to ten-year-old crowd, but our ideas and principles apply to kids of all age groups.

Justin Pullaro

Being in the financial planning profession, Justin has a front row seat to the challenges and obstacles that people face when it comes to money. He’s lucky to be called dad of four boys under the age of eight.

Nicole Barolo

Nicole, a mom to spirited six and eight-year-old boys, knows that adding one more thing to the parental to-do list might cause internal combustion.