We want to see a generation of financially fluent kids make a positive impact on this world.

In our house, we talk a lot about making good choices. Good choices with siblings, homework, eating healthy, friends. The list is goes on. We believe good choices extend to how our kids interact with money.

We want to see parents use the formative years to start talking about money habits and money values.

Money understanding is a skill similar to learning to read. You have to be exposed to basic letter sounds before you can dissect a literary classic. Money is the same.

We believe parents who consistently model and talk about money with kids can grow small changes in their child's development. The best way to learn is a constant drip of exposure to financial things. The most gifted, awesome person to do this is you, mom and dad. Parents are the source of all the drips - the everyday moments.

If you believe like we do, then, lets do this together.

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