How to Raise Successful Kids from Harvard Research

Parenting ain't easy, we all know this. But despite the roller coaster of raising young kids we all still want them to be successful adults.

Harvard Human Development Researchers recently posted seven tips on their best ideas to make it happen, and they echo the Small Change philosophy. You can read all seven tips here, but this is the core we agree on:

1. Conversations are key
Want to teach young kids anything of value and substance? Then parents should engage them in meaningful conversations. Kids will learn best not by studying up, but by talking about. 

2. Modeling brings words to life
If conversations are the building blocks to learning, modeling is the glue that helps them stick together. Parents should allow their actions to bring color and clarity to the words shared.

3. Kids need hands-on experience
The final ingredient that helps make all the above stick is the ability to practice doing it. This can get messy, because learning often is. Kids will make mistakes and fail, but what better place to do that than in a loving controlled environment parents can provide.

Teaching money habits is like other important qualities you want your kids to learn. How you teach them can make the difference in those lessons truly sticking.

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