Financial Literacy Month is almost over! April gave us an opportunity to share our crazy passion with you. We believe we can change the trajectory of young people's lives when we help parents teach better financial awareness.

The kid tools, the parent tips, the freebies are all great. But they are the after-dinner mint. The main course is realizing that financial awareness starts with you. It means living transparently and mindfully in front of your kiddos -- you are already doing this when you teach them anything of substance.

If you are going to roll up your sleeves and give your kids the gift of good money habits you'll need to think through some things. Do a little planning and max out your efforts.

Here are 10 questions to answer. We encourage you and your partner to each fill out your own and share your answers. Talk about where you are and discover a common path to walk with your kids.

Thanks for following along with Small Change this month!

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